Shelby Mustang Super Snake: 50th anniversary of the most extreme version of Mustang

Half a century after Carroll Shelby introduced the first edition of the Super Snake Mustang, introduced a refreshed version of the American icon for 2018.

However, the team at Shelby American has not yet written off the “old” model and brought it to us the most extreme Mustang that we have the opportunity to see. Naturally, as it befits the name Super Snake, whose first published fifty years ago was presented for the first time, and this time it is a performance that is here to run over the competition.

According to the team at Shelby American, the new Super Snake exceeds the Shelby GT350R in every respect, is also ready for the racetrack, but it is legal to drive on the roads.

The new Super Snake comes with automatic or manual transmission, and the top version with a 5.0-liter V8 engine with Whipple and Kenne Bell supercharger produces fantastic 750 horsepower – enough this beast from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour to develop 3.5 seconds.

However, this Super Snake car comes in “cool” price – a car costs 80 thousand dollars, which is 20 thousand dollars more than “ordinary” GT350R that performance still is not far behind