You Don`t Like SUV and Crossover Models ??

Even conservative Europeans are moving away from “classic” cars and buy more SUV and Crossover vehicles – however, BMW decided to stay true to the classic values.

BMW presented the estate Series 5 (designation G31) which is designed for drivers who do not want to make major changes and are faithful to the traditional “formats”.

As far as design and technology, the caravan 5 Series BMW brings nothing new: Uses the same stylistic solutions and the same range of engines as well as classic limousines. The main changes brought by the new platform, so the 5 Series is easier to 100 kg, and reduced and emissions.

The latest wagon version will be presented at the Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland, with sales expected to start in June.

They will be offered two petrol and diesel versions. “Standard” model is the BMW 520d Touring with 190 horsepower and drive the rear axle, and the same serial comes with six-speed manual gearbox. All other models have osumstepen automatic transmission.