The GOLDEN RULE in CHRONO DIET: Three foods that you should eat for breakfast!

Chrono diet is not a diet but a healthy nutrition and life in general. It is divided into two periodic, Restrictive and NonRestrictive  period.

The restriction period is body detoxification and weight loss, and can last depending on how long it takes you to lose extra pounds. It is an individual thing when someone takes a long short codes.

Those who do not have a problem with their weight and want to go to HI, should be on a restrictions  at least 28 days, until the body is clean and then move on to nonrestrictive period.


  • Three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Break Between meals% and a half or 6 hours
  • between meals do not eat anything!
  • Drink up only water, lemonade (no sugar!), Tea (herbal only), and coffee (without milk and sugar) two per day and 15 minutes before breakfast and 15 min after lunch. Also, water, tea or lemonade you should not drink half an hour before and half an hour after meal.

  • The carbonated juices and pizza are not allowed. Carbonated Water is allowed with 2 cups per day.
  • At morning, on an empty stomach drink warm herbal tea or lemonade, and after half an hour have a breakfast.
  • Dinner should be harmonized in order not to go in bed at least two hours after eating.
  • The quantity of food is limitless, so eat as much as you want. But not forget that moderation is the key in everything.
  • alcohol is Not allowed except the red wine, 4 glass of red wine per week during the lunch.
  • Any kind of shugar it’s not allowed, even the fruit!
  • Avocado can be eaten , for every three meals.
  • Stevia can used as a sweetener, but be careful to buy only those within the regulations of 100% stevia!
  • Flour used in restriction: Oats, Buckwheat,rye, barley  and all the dough is used exclusively and only for breakfast!

Chrono diet is the diet for which the whole world gone mad. It will help you regulate your weight, but only if you’re completely stick to the rules.

The most important meal of chrono diet is the breakfast. God forbid it should not be skipped, because with that step you’ll be destroying the rhythm of the diet, by the evening you’ll be so hungry so you’ll.

Recall the basic principles of this diet.

It is desirable to have breakfast before 8 o’clock in the morning and watch how your body reacts to the chrono nutrition. Here are 3 foods which must be contained in your chrono breakfast.

  1. Bread

From your height in centimeters, subtract 100 cm and divide that number by 2 and you will get the number of grams of bread you’ll need. It is a small but sufficient amount which is required to your body. Make sure that the brad you eat does not contains sugar.

  1. Olive oil

Pour a little olive oil on the bread to make it more delicious.

  1. Cheese

The amount is determined similar to the bread – subtract 100 cm from your height in centimeters and you’ll get the grammage. You might think that it is too much, but that’s what you need to keep you satiated until 12 or 13 ‘clock until it’s time for lunch. What is good to know is that cheese contains 10 times more calcium than milk or yogurt.


Breakfast – dough from the permitted flour (Chrono bread), whole grain cereals, meat products, eggs, milk, butter, vegetables…

Lunch-Red meat and all vegetables

Dinner-White proteins and the green and white vegetables