How to Socialize your CAT

Let your cat set the pace. If your cat is new to you, or is simply shy around other cats, never force your cat to interact or play.

Instead, start slow and follow your cat’s cues. Let your cat become familiar with you or the other cats. Simply spend time sitting around your cat. Avoid standing over your cat, which may intimidate her. Once your cat starts feeling more comfortable with her environment, she’ll begin to approach you or the other cats.

When your cat approaches you, let her get closer to sniff you. You might encourage her to come to you by placing treats in your hand.

Offer equipment for your cat to play on. Your cat should have plenty of objects to play with on her own. A useful and fun object is a scratching post or tree she can climb. Cat’s love tall places and love to scratch. A large, sturdy cat tree will not only give a place to scratch, but will let her climb and enjoy a bird’s eye view of her surroundings.

Try placing a cat tree or tower near a sunny window. The view will also give your cat something interesting to look at.

Play with your cat every day. Help your cat get needed exercise by being your cat’s personal trainer. Use toys like feathers, fake mice, or even a rolled up piece of paper to get your cat to run around. Toys are a great incentive to get your cat moving. Try tossing small toys for your cat to hit and chase. If you’re too worn out to play, use fishing pole style toys or pocket flashlights to give your cat a workout.

Playing with your cat every day will help alleviate your cat’s need for your attention.