PHOTO: This is the Peugeot Pick Up, the model that the French manufacturer returns to the pick-up market!

It is a model intended for the African market that will speed up the internationalization of the brand.

French manufacturer introduced its pick up with a simple name- Pick Up. According to people from Peugeot, the robust Pick Up with all-wheel drive is designed for those who need a reliable work-car that will simply be maintained. And while in Europe sales pick up vehicles account for only about 1 percent, Africa is a popular segment whose sales account for more than 10 percent of total car sales.

This is not the first time that Peugeot is launching a pick up in Africa, since they debuted in the 1958 with the 403 Camionnette-Bâchée model, which was then inherited by the 404 Camionnette-Bâchée 1967 and the 504 Pick up that was produced by 2005.

The new Peugeot Pick Up is 5.08 meters long and has a payload of 815 KG. The distance from the ground is 21.5 cm. The drive is powered by a 2.5-liter diesel engine of 115 hp, coupled with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Robust Yokohama tires come standard, and although the interior images have not yet been released, Peugeot says the interior will be the most widespread in the classroom. The Peugeot Pick Up sale will start in September this year.