You might have heard about that old grandma’s tales to turn your feet in a foil or towel for two hours when you have a cold, and it will magically disappear? Well, this is not the same. This actually has an effect.

And in what is beneath the film is actually hiding a catch. Because, there is  the famous coconut oil, known as God’s gift for dry, chapped skin and hair.

Here’s what you’ll need

The process takes five minutes

Mix a little bit of coconut oil with your favorite essential oil (for example a lavender, because the smell is great for sleeping) but apply it on clean feet. No need to rub or to wait for the oil to soak, simply and immediately wrap the foot in a liberal amount of film.

You’ll feel like a fool and you’ll look like a fool, but it is worth it.

The only thing that remains is to put your socks on over thicker foil and lie down to sleep. Oil will operate throughout the night and feet will tell the grandma’s tail. They will be so soft as they’ve never been harmed.

If you do not put on your socks, foil will fall during the night

You’ll be surprised at the morning when you’ll be seeing the results. You won’t be disappointed !

The skin on the heels is indeed with much softer, healthier look, the touch is smooth and beautiful for eye. Of course, this is not an over-night  trick,  after the third night, you’ll notice that even the nails look more beautiful.

Overall, this is a trick that we would really recommend to anyone. It is not expensive, it is not difficult, does not require much time and the results are much better to any cream You’ve ever tasted, and for sure you’ve tried a lot of them.