Disney: The trailer for the new “Beauty and the Beast”

The trailer for the new “Beauty and the Beast” is probably something most magical you’ve ever seen it!

The New Disney’s famous fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” will be able to watch from 16 March 2017.

This animated film is an adaptation of the classic characters of this fairy tale, had transformed for the modern audience, but remains true to the original music and is supplemented with several new songs. “Beauty and the Beast” is a fairy tale about the traveling of White, smart, beautiful and independent young woman who had captured the beast in a trap.

Despite the fear, she will make friendship with a vicious valet and will learn how to overcome the hideous exterior beast and will realize that inside of him there is a true-hearted prince. The film stars are Emma Watson in the role of White, Dan Stevens and the role of the Beast, Luke Evans in the role of Gaston, a handsome but shallow peasants who wants to seduce White, Oscar-winner Kevin Kline in the role of Morris, Belle’s eccentric father, Ewan McGregor in the role Lumière, the candelabra, Oscar nominated Stanley Tucci as Cadenza, cymbal, six-time Oscar winner Toni, Odra MacDonald in the role of Garderobe, the wardrobe Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, sat above the fireplace and double Oscar winner Emma Thompson as Mrs. Kettle.

The story and the characters that the audience knows and loves them, will be revived in the spectacular played adaptation of the Disney classic   “Beauty and the Beast.”

The classic tale “Beauty and the Beast” and its strong message that real beauty comes from within, has its roots from France in the 18th century and the first printed edition of this fairy tale “La Belle et la bete” Gabriel Suzan Barbo of Villeneuve. Today, these issues are still relevant and continuing the story that fascinates all storytellers, which has resulted with numerous interpretations in all forms, and the Disney animated film from 1991, which was nominated for an Oscar was the final version.

The Studio felt that the adapted Stories of the good girl I beastly Prince has the potential to once again disappoint the audience, or when the studio suggested the idea to Bill Condon, he was afraid to do a remake of something that was already spotless. “I think the movie  from 1991 is perfect,” says Condon. But Oscar winner, who in his resume has all sorts of movies such as “Dreamgirls,” “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2”, “G Holmes” and “Kinsey”, realized that the time was right for a troupe adaptation. “It’s been 25 years and technology has caught up with ideas that were introduced In the animated film,” explains. “Now it is finally possible to create photo-realistic version chatting coffee cups in a completely real-feature format.”

Take a look at the trailer that was just released by Disney Movie Trailers:

The director was able to shoot the film as a musical Homage – musicals from Hollywood’s Golden Age, as well as the opportunity to revisit the story to which is connected emotionally and goes down deeper into the characters to understand what makes them moving toward.

“I want the audience to accept the form of musicals, and to realize that music tracks in the film does not distract or interrupt it. One deepen the action itself help to create meaning.”

Emma Watson says: “Whenever I hear the music from ‘Beauty and the Beast”, it gets me back to my childhood and gives me the feeling that everything will be fine and that there is hope in the world. ”

Condon has decided to extend the timeless themes of fairy tales and to add depth and dimension to familiar characters while glorifying this animated film and his legacy.

The film provides insight into the prince’s life before he became a beast, and explains how he became the man who deserves to be cursed. It also expands Belle’s life before she went to the castle and meets the Beast, and explains that both of them have a lot of in common and why they are like this today.

At the core of the stories are interwoven  the incredible new eight-winning Oscar, composer Alen Menken and lyricist who was already a veteran in this business and who won three Academy Awards, Tim Rice, and because Condon is a big fan of musical theater and knows almost all songs  “He understands his job and says he micromanager in the best sense of the word, because it is truly committed to each element in the story and the music,” says the composer.

The director also believes that the cooperation with the actors before shooting and finding the right tone for their character, the process is invaluable. In this case, the Sundays of work one on one with the actors led to read the entire script and performing some tracks with the whole ensemble and actors. It turned into a real live concert. “Bill Condon has decided to host the show and I’ve never seen anything like that,” says Ian Makelele. The team agreed that the record also had started in the best way and give them an insight into the unique experience that awaits them.